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Tuesday June 21, 2011

I was doing some blog housekeeping and came across this old draft, that for some reason never made it to publication.   I don’t know why I didn’t hit publish at the time, but it made me a little misty to read it now.   It’s too good to delete, so allow me to share with you now, in much delayed fashion, the vocabularies peculiarities of my then 3 year old middle child.

Sam Isms

Originally dated March 11, 2009

Lello = yellow

Gurl/Gull = girl

Dey = they

Grimy Finger Paws =  finger prints, aka the reason many of the kid cd skip

Gulpfish = goldfish

Washingtonmental Monument = well, you know…

Kermit Crabs = hermit crabs (from summer 08 in ME)

Last Night/Last Week/Yesterday = any period of time in the past ranging from the previous day to the previous year

Funny Stories


Sam was chewing some gum (a rare treat), which I had reminded him not to swallow.  After working his gum for a minute or so, he asked me, with his mouth full, “Is it okay to swallow the juice?”


At Chick-Fil-A, Sam was wiping his hands off on the anti-bacterial wipe.  He says to daddy,

“Daddy, these wipes are not for eating.”

Daddy:  “How do you know that?”

S: “Because they taste yucky.”

Here’s a couple of pics of Mr. Sam I Am from March 2009:


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