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Saturday May 21, 2011

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Apologies to Tina Fey for the title — I spent the last 24 hours breezing through her new book, “Bossypants.” (While I don’t agree with her every viewpoint, there is no denying she is a dang funny writer).

This Saturday we’ve packed in so much fun we can hardly stand it (as evidenced by the various meltdowns by various people at various times).

The morning started with a visit to Central Library, to check out the (hopefully first annual)  Truck Petting Zoo.


Herndon does something similar with their “Big Truck Days”, an event we missed this year, so I was glad to be able to take the kids to this one so close to home.

There were a ton of city vehicles on hand to experience up close.   Here’s some of what we saw …

An ART Bus


A Washington Gas Truck


A Street Sweeper (dual op!)


Fire Trucks – the #3 and the #4 Hook and Ladder



An Army (?) HumVee (?)




A Vulcan Cement Mixer


This was a favorite of the kids because they had a ton (pun intended) of fake rocks laying on the ground around the mixer.  Kids (mine in particular) tried to throw the rocks up into the spout of the mixer.  If they got it in, it would roll out the pouring trough.   Wendy worked and worked on this.   When she finally got one in, she let loose an exultant, “Boo-yah!”


An Arlington Police Car


I overheard a mother behind me tell her toddler daughter that this would be the ONLY time she’d ever be in the back of a police car.   I myself, chuckled a little as I closed the door and told my son to try and get out.


And lastly (for us, meltdowns were waxing)… a Police Motorcycle.


The “Petting Zoo” was definitely a zoo — there were lots of people attending and it took some patience, but it was a fun morning outing.   Afterwards, as I tried to coax the kids to share with Daddy about the fun we had, my daughter looked at me and declared, “Fun?  It was just looking at a bunch of old trucks.  What’s fun about that?”

Thanks darling daughter, we’ll leave you home next time.

For our next outing, we headed out to take advantage of “Neighborhood Day“.  Many Arlington neighborhoods had activities planned, so we decided to hit up the Chestnut Hills park.


The park was decorated with balloons, had a face painter, a moon bounce, and a fire truck made an appearance.

One child made a beeline for “bouncy moon” (isn’t that adorable?).


The other child made a beeline for the face painter.  (The 3rd was off to a soccer game).


Then we came home for lunch and laid low for a while.    The rest of the afternoon involved gardening (another post) and play dates.

So far, it’s been a pretty good weekend!


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