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Saturday May 14, 2011

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You may or  may not have noticed, but I’ve been making a lot of “tweaks” to ye olde blog.   Most are probably not obvious to you, but these are little things that make me much happier (mostly).

So, in case you’ve missed it, here are some of the new and improved super fantastic updates:

Fancified Parks & Rec Pages

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve made a bunch of changes to the park reviews.  I’ve worked hard to organize the parks by location and by feature, provide detailed reviews, and most recently, add a rating system so others can share their opinions.  If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to share your feedback, via comment or rating.

Better Comments, Sort-of

Comments have been kind of screwy lately.  In my effort to improve things, I somehow turned comments OFF for a while and didn’t realize it.   In fact, this problem continues to happen and I’m not sure why.  It’s driving me crazy because I LOVE comments and don’t mean to turn them off.  If you ever see comments closed on something and it seems weird, contact me, because I probably screwed something up.

If you do take time to comment, now you’ll see options for:

Reply Notification — if you check this box when replying, you will get notified by email when someone replies to you — something I am trying to do more of.

Numbered comments — this was on and at some point got turned off, now it’s back in place.

Nested comments — now you can reply to a person and it will show up underneath them.  It makes it easier to see the flow of conversation.

Highlight author comments — now, when I reply to comments, it shows up in a different color.  Don’t that make me fancy! 😉

New & Improved RSS Feeds

I FINALLY put up links to subscribe to my feed via reader.   They’re at the top of the page on the right hand side of the navigation.   You can either click to get the feed and put it in your favorite RSS reader program (mine’s Google Reader), or you can subscribe by email.   That’s right, you can get your daily dose of Meanest Momma goodness to show up right in your inbox!

My feed is now being managed through FeedBurner, so the RSS link looks like this:

If you were already subscribed and something weird is going on, try using the new link.

Browse Posts

When you click to read a post (on the website, not in a reader), you will see a link to the older and new post (if applicable) at the top of the post.  That way you can easily browse through entries without having to go back to the home page.

Print Pages

I added a print option to the bottom of pages.  I don’t expect many of you all to print out my words of wisdom (ha!) but now I can print out recipes and menu plans for myself and that makes ME happy.

Those are the main changes you should notice.  I am getting revved up to do another blog design, hopefully in early summer.    Are there other features or improvements you’d like to see?


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    Melissa says:

    I love, love your park reviews! In fact, I’ve stopped doing them myself, and now link to your site when I talk about a park. Can’t wait to find new parks through you!

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