The Men on the Money Memorial Fieldtrip

Friday March 25, 2011

Yesterday I got to attend Sam’s class fieldtrip.  This was no small feat as his class seems to be full of super-involved parents, making it hard for a slacker mom like me to get an opportunity 🙂

Their kindergarten class has been studying currency and learning about the different coins and their values, so the field trip takes them downtown to visit the memorials of some of the presidents represented on our coins.

The first stop was the Washington Monument.   We talked about the shape of the monument, which coin bears Washington’s likeness, observed the size of the stones and the shape of the monument up close.   We also counted the number of flags and discussed what they signified.


Then we left Washington’s obelisk, and headed to the Lincoln Memorial.   It was the first time I can remember seeing the Reflecting Pool drained.  In addition to checking out the inside of the memorial, we counted steps and found the inscription marking where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech.


Our bus picked us up at the Lincoln and drove us over to the FDR Memorial.  The short ride was a welcome opportunity to warm up as it was a blustery spring day.    The FDR Memorial is one of my favorites, although I’m not sure how much presidential knowledge or appreciation the kids acquired.   Whenever I see the statutes of the men in the bread line, or the man listening to FDR’s Fireside Chats, I am struck by how different our nation is now and how little we appreciate what we have.


From the FDR Memorial, we walked along the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial.  We were just a few days shy of the Cherry Blossoms peak bloom and they were lovely to look at.


By the time we got here, Sam was well frozen and didn’t have much appreciation for anything left in him.   Eating some lunch on the leeward side of the memorial did help cheer him up, however.


The view of the tidal basin at the Jefferson is pretty obstructed by construction, but it was still lovely to see the trees in bloom.   I had a great time walking with Sam and my other charge and I think the kids had a great time experiencing the monuments up close.


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    Grandpa says:

    It has been a while since we have seen the kids and Windy sure looks different and Sam is almost as tall as her. Be good to see all again as sue do miss you.

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