A Three Year Old Birthday Party – Down on the Farm

Saturday February 5, 2011

We had so much fun celebrating Adam’s third birthday, I meant to come back and talk about the farm party.

My poor third-born  suffers from third-childitis, meaning I didn’t have as much energy to put the effort I normally do into birthday parties.   I wanted to do a farm theme because he loves his Lammie and I thought it would be a cute and easy theme to pull together.    So here’s what we did.

First, I tried to keep the party small.  I only invited five little three year olds, but each of these kiddos had older or younger siblings who were also welcome because we held the party on a teacher work day.  This worked out great because it meant there were older kids for my older kids to play with.

I didn’t plan a lot of games, hoping the kids would entertain themselves running amuck, which they did for the most part, but I did have a few simple activities.

The Activities

For the littler ones and the ones who preferred arts and crafts to improvised Jedi battles, I got these Make-A-Farm Stickers from Oriental Trading Company ( IN-9/819).  The kids enjoyed creating with them.


As I said, most of the time, the kids ran wild through the house, but I did have one game planned — Pin the Tail on the Piggy.


I freehanded the piggy poster after searching the web for a suitable image to copy.  The piggy tails were super easy — I just made a spiral circle on pink construction paper and cut them out.    My 5 year old nailed it, placing his piggy tail precisely on the “X” — which amazed me as he claimed he didn’t cheat, but the photographic review raises doubts.


The other activity I planned was doubled as a party favor.  I bought these Make Your Own Farm Animal Balloons from OTC (IN-70/3324).  Luckily I had a helium tank leftover from who knows when and it had enough helium to fill 12 balloons.  Kids got to decorate their balloon as either a cow, pig, or chicken.  They turned out pretty cute.



I forgot to take a picture of the spread but I was pretty pleased with what I had to offer.  Our party was from 4pm – 6pm so I didn’t feed anything substantial, just a mix of healthy and sweets.   Fruit, cut up veggies with dip and hummus, and goldfish.   I served it on a plastic table cloth I already had and used the “Zoo Pal” paper products that I had gotten at Costco a long time ago.


Instead of cake, I did cupcakes and got these adorable toppers from ClarabellesCupcakes on Etsy.


Favors / Gifts

Our poor third born doesn’t get a lot because I feel like our house is full of stuff already and I wasn’t interested in bringing in more stuff in terms of gifts for him.  So, instead, we did a book exchange.   Moms brought one or more new or used (in good shape) books and kids got to pick one or more to take home.  It was a great way to freshen up our book collection and eliminated the need for me to come up with goody bags (which I hate).

All in all it was a fun time and a great way to celebrate our special boy turning three.

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