The Cutest Thank You Note

Friday January 28, 2011

Wendy has been invited to a few birthday parties lately, so we’ve been getting some very nice thank  you notes in return.  We got one the other day that just cracked me up.  The little boy who sent is is quite a precocious 7 year old and very talented reader and writer, especially for his grade level.  His personality shines through in his note:


It reads (with spelling corrected):

Dear W–,

At first I thought you gave me nothing, but when I opened your present you made my frown upside down.

[We gave him an Ed Emberly Drawing book, some markers, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle]

I’m drawing everything and I love [the] Mouse and the Motorcycle and the markers.  Bye!



When it’s time for my kids to write thank yous, I usually sit down with them to attempt to craft out thoughtful notes.   I may have to loosen the reins and let them take the lead, the result is much more enjoyable, I think.

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