Our First Big Snowfall

Friday January 28, 2011

I’m like a kid – I love a good snow day, and I’m disappointed when the weathermen over predict and under deliver.  Well, we finally got a real snowfall this week and it was something!   I think our accumulation was around 8 inches.

It started Wednesday afternoon, falling fast and furious around 3pm.   The kids were home by then because it was an early release day and thankfully, Mike had picked that day to take a half day to read in Wendy’s class, so he was home too.  Later in the evening, when I got on Facebook and started to read the accounts of horrific 4+ even 8+ hour commutes, I was tremendously grateful we were all home and safe.

The heavy snow brought down lots of branches and power lines, but again, we were spared and our power remained on.  Our Crepe Myrtle in the front yard and our dogwood in the back did have some serious branches break, but thankfully not on any cars or houses.

We had no school on yesterday or today, giving us a 4 day weekend.   Here’s how we’ve been spending our time!



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