The Long Overdue Super Fab Office Room Redo

Tuesday January 25, 2011

My home office is a small room, approximately 7′ x 8′, that we added to our house as part of an addition we completed in 2004.   When we finished our addition, there was no extra money lying around for things like office furniture, so I made do with a small folding table as my desk top, a cheapy tv stand for the printer, and a bookshelf.   It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t terribly functional but I made do.

The big problem was the mess.  There was simply no place to store anything, which becomes a real problem when you have little kids who roam through your office and grab anything they see at eye level and strew it around the house.  Furthermore, I am not terribly organized so I didn’t have a good place for all the paperwork stuff that accumulates and my office got messier and messier.  Finally, one day in January, I took a good look at the state of my office and couldn’t believe I was living in such squalor.  Papers piled everywhere, junk all over the place.  Suddenly, I couldn’t stand it and knew it had to change RIGHT NOW.

I spent hours on the IKEA website when I should have been planning a certain 3 year old‘s birthday party.  Finding office furniture that would work in our tiny space was a challenge.   But after oodles of hours designing, purchasing, assembling and organizing the space,  I finally have some “after” photos that make it worth sharing the “before”.

So, behold, my office transformation.   First the worst.



Note the clutter everywhere.  On the left, I was using my box for my iMac as table/ledge of sorts.


Who would want to work here?  When I bought my MacBook, I didn’t have a good way to easily use both my MB and my iMac so I’d end up doing awkward typing over my closed laptop if I needed to be on the iMac for some reason.


This was my printer area, plus some portable file cabinets, plus whatever other junk got piled up here.  It was always getting knocked over by me, the kids, or the dog.

Enough of the yuck, now on to the Ahhhh… after.



I replaced everything with a corner desk unit (VIKA) and a 3 drawer storage cabinet (ASPVIK).  I also downgraded to a smaller chair (JULES) that fits the space better.

One of my favorite features is the Vika Amon 5 drawer unit.   Finally I have storage for all those random office doodads!


This cabinet is a bit of a beast and takes up a bit of room in my small space, but it was the best piece I found to accommodate my needs.


Check out how much it holds:

IMG_1695.JPG IMG_1696.JPG IMG_1698.JPG

I needed file cabinets, which I got on the bottom row.  I need a place for all that random junk that didn’t have a home and found that on the middle row.  The top row houses my printer and all the assorted paper types I seem to have.

Speaking of paper, I LURV this paper tray I got at the Container Store.   It holds five levels of paper, plus the top, where I keep all the scrap paper that I insist the kids use before grabbing a clean sheet off the printer tray.


Remember I said I used the top of my iMac box for side storage?   I found a much better solution at IKEA – it’s a narrow storage bench (ALVE) that fits the space perfectly.  It’s can be rolled (though it’s not too rolly) and a pad that makes it friendly for my kids to sit on.


But the best part is what’s inside — more storage!


I’m using it to store all my software — I got rid of all the boxes I had and am only keeping the discs and docs.   I even have them organized by type.  Yay me!  It’s also the perfect place to stash those over-sized folders that I hold onto on the off chance I’d need to mail something one day.

After I got everything configured, I realized my new set-up had me directly facing the the corner where the two sets of windows meet.  I was inspired to create something more visually attractive, so I made this five picture hanging frame set and put some of my favorite photos up in black and white.  I love looking at them!


So that is the end of the tour of my office redo.  I threw away so much stuff on trash day, people must have thought we were moving out.   I love my new space and am determined to keep it looking neat (even if it means creating new piles on the dining room table… )

A big improvement, wouldn’t you say?





Having a clean office, with a place for everything and everything in it’s place definitely works for me!

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12 Responses to The Long Overdue Super Fab Office Room Redo

  1. 1
    Debbie says:

    Awesome!! Looks great! You are so organized – wow! Impressive!!! Good job

  2. 2
    Jen B says:

    I love it! You’ll have to come over and impart more of your wisdom to me next week. I’m slowly moving along with the ideas you had last time.

  3. 3
    Autumn says:

    It looks amazing!! Great job!

  4. 4
    Michele Ramsey says:

    I love it! I don’t know why you say you’re not organized; I’ve seen more than one helpful hint on organization on your blog. I’m inspired to clean up some of my clutter areas. While I don’t have an office to myself, I do have our classroom and it’s very unorganized and cluttered.

  5. 5
    Heather U says:

    Love the re-do/make over! Don’t ya just love IKEA, what would we do without it?! I have the older ALVE bench from a few years back…back when it was pine with a cream cushion on top. Good to know they still have it, and in a different color no less ;).

  6. 6

    Beautiful! I loved looking at all of your photos and reading the descriptions of what you had/what you have done. The way the photos show off the corner where the windows meet is just lovely. Congratulations on your new little abode!

  7. 7
    Grandpa says:

    Wow, Beautiful job. Looks super. Now….maybe my shop next.

  8. 8
    Suzanne says:

    This is really amazing, and what great storage! Now, if I can just create a little corner for my office. Once I had my son, my office became part of the kitchen counter so I can multi-task and work away from little curious hands.

  9. 9
    Renee says:

    It looks great! I especially love the storage bench and the pictures in the corner.

  10. 10
    XfitDad says:

    Nice work, dear, it looks beautiful. Now about about something other than a kids chair from which to watch Hulu? Oh, no wait, never mind…that reminds me, your spending spree gives me rights to more bumper plates. Thanks for reorganizing.

  11. 11
    Patricia A Riggs says:

    Kendra, my mouth literally dropped when I saw the results of your remodeling. I said to Don, “what can she do with such a small space?” Awesome job–super job!!

  12. 12
    Chick Tyler says:

    I’m redoing my home office and I came across this article! It’s really inspirational! Currently I share the office with the guest bedroom so I have limited space!

    Your space looks great!

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