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Saturday January 1, 2011


At the beginning of winter break, I worried about how we would fill our time.   I ended up signing the big kids up for a 3 day minicamp at our local ice rink.   This turned out to be  a great activity.   The lessons ran from 9:45-10:15, then we hung out til the 11am public skate session, which is included in the lesson fee.


I signed Wendy up for “Basic 2” and Sam for “Snowplow Sam 3”.   Wendy’s class might have been a tad too advanced for her, but she still did great and both she & Sam made great progress in their abilities.

Here’s a few clips of them skating that will probably only be of interest to the grandparents:

I wasn’t sure if Adam would tolerate all the “hanging out” required on his part, but the facility is great for little boys who like to run wild and chase tennis balls.  The upstairs has windows that overlook the ice, but also a large unfinished space that is great for running amuck without disturbing anything or anyone.



The other fun thing about Kettler Iceplex, is it is the practice rink for the Washington Capitals.   You can check their schedule to see when they are on the ice and practices are free to watch.  They had a morning practice on Tuesday during our lessons (they are on a separate rink).  The place was packed, but it was fun to watch them for a few minutes.  Because it is the home of the Capitals, there were also these fun cut-outs for the kids to pose in.


I wasn’t sure at first if Wendy & Sam could handle the public skate session.   The rink was crowded and I couldn’t be on the ice with them since I had to watch Adam.   However, they did great.  We worked out hand signals so they could let me know when they were done and I would come down to meet them.


Here’s a clip of Wendy & Sam during the public skate session:

All in all, our three days at the ice rink were well spent and we might sign up for the spring break camp as well.  We did weekly lessons last winter, but having the back to back skate time was more helpful, I think.

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2 Responses to Ice Skating

  1. 1
    Grandpa says:

    Way to go Wendy and Sam. You look super out there on the ice. Keep up the fine work.

  2. 2
    Patricia A Riggs says:

    Wendy and Sam, it is soooo much fun to watch you on the ice!! You were doing as well as the older kids. More, more, we want to see more! Skating backward, woo woo!!

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