Birthday Party at Cub Run Rec Center

Thursday November 25, 2010

We celebrated W’s 7th birthday with a pool party.

We booked a party package at Cub Run Rec Center in Chantilly and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.   The package includes 1 hour 15 minutes in the pool, 15 minutes for transition into dry clothes (and room set-up) and then 1 hour in the party room.  It’s also a great price — for 12 kids/swimmers — it’s $140 for non-county residents, $104 for county residents.

The rec center has two separate pools – one is for lap swimming, the other is a leisure pool with lots of water features like:  zero-depth entry, in-water playground, two big slides, a small lazy river, and a “vortex”.  These are the pictures from the county website:

The pictures aren’t very big but give the general idea.   The shallow area is pretty well contained and good for little ones.  The rest of the pool, the depth is 3.5′.  I would say that 1st grade is about as young as you’d want for a party, otherwise the water level  might be too high.  They do have life jackets available, which our 5 year old used (we brought one for the 2 year old).  The slides have a height requirement of 48″, which precluded some of our guests.  I later learned that if kids are proficient swimmers, they can take a swim test to qualify for the slide.

Although the pool is not huge, it was challenging keeping tabs on everyone.  I was glad our numbers ended up on the small side and that some of the parents were willing to stay and help keep an eye out.   Another thing worth noting — there was a 10 minute break at 2:00pm, which was the middle of our swim time.  If I were to do the party again, I’d probably start at 2pm so that the break has less of an impact.   Here are some of our pool pics:


There wasn’t a lot of time for set-up, so I tried to keep our party decor pretty simple. Since it was a pool party, we went with a tropical/beach theme. I made a cute birthday banner (if I do say so myself), using a tropical-themed digital scrapbook kit. The room was long and narrow, so this banner worked well on the wall. The table decor was simply green table cloths with some shells and starfish sprinkled along for decoration. A yellow cloth on the food table also added some color to the room.


Our food spread was pretty simple. I deliberately picked the party time to be between meals. So our finger food consisted of: pretzels, veggies with hummus, fruit, and turkey & cheese roll-ups. And of course, birthday cake.


I got the idea for the birthday cake off of the Family Fun website. Wendy had a great time helping decorate it.

For a craft/activity – we made Flip Flop sandals (also courtesy of Family Fun Magazine). I made the frosting and prepped all the pieces so the kids only had to assemble them. It was a tasty treat and a good way to pass the time.


After eating and sampling the flip flops, the kids got some food. Then it was time for birthday cake! Cub Run does not allow candles, which was a bummer, but we simply sang and W pretended to blow them out.


We finished out our time with a round of Beach Bingo, using shells as markers. Soon, our time was up and we had to hustle and clear out for the next group.

W declared it her favorite birthday party ever and it rates pretty high with me too.


7 Responses to Birthday Party at Cub Run Rec Center

  1. 1
    Renee says:

    The cake looks great! I think I will making the flip flops sometime. What a cute idea.

    We love Cub Run. I hope my middle child can pass the swim test the next time we go.

  2. 2
    xfitdad says:

    I hope to take the kids back some time soon as well. It was a great time, and hopefully Sam can ride the slides.

  3. 3
    Andrea says:

    Hi, this came up when I googled for the phone number of Cub Run, so I had to check it out since it said “meanest Momma” !! We had our daughter’s 5th birthday party on the same day as yours, but we were upstairs in the big room. I didn’t know that there was a no candles policy, so I did have a candle on the cake, oops! but only one, since I didn’t want to mess up the Cinderella cake that I had painstakingly made. Maybe we’ll see you there next November!

  4. 4
    Cindy Bendel says:

    Thanks for posting a review, I was thinking about having my son’s 5 year old party there. But after reading your post I will hold off for another year or two. Thanks!

  5. 5
    Kat says:

    HI,… I’m excited to get a party room for my son’s birthday… but we can only get the small room.. my concern is the restriction # of people in the room which is 18… Parents and kids – I have 20-25 plus.. but their big room is not available…

    Do they really don’t allow that many people inside the room.. or will they give you extra table outside of it to host parens?

    Please let me know.. and thanks for your advice

    • 5.1
      jenny says:

      Kat, just wondering what you found out about the extra people. I am running into the same issue planning my son’s b-day at cub run. If they do not count parents, all will be good. 🙂


      • 5.1.1
        AJ says:

        Jenny, how did it work out for you? We will be having the same issue come up with the small party room. My husband came up with the idea for only kids/moms inside room, dads will be stuck outside 🙂

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