Potluck Pumpkin Carving

Sunday October 31, 2010

We don’t make a huge deal out of Halloween, but I thought it would be fun to invite some friends over for a low key evening of carving pumpkins and hanging out.   I have a tendency to go overboard when I host parties so I tried this time to keep things simple.  The guestlist was small, but complimentary.  The kids ages ranged from 16months to 6 years.  Here’s 8 of the 10 kids:


None of the three families knew anyone else, besides us, so it was fun to see how well everyone mixed and mingled – even the menfolk!


The menu was chili — we had three delicious varieties, along with some sweets, appetizers and salad.

The kids had so much fun playing, there wasn’t even a discussion of carving pumpkins until later in the evening.

I created a wall of pumpkin templates (I should have taken a picture!) where I printed a bunch of patterns I found online and folks could pick a pattern, or create their own.  The kids had fun selecting their pattern and initially were eager to participate.



However, their interest soon waned and they preferred to run around the yard while the carvers got down to business.



We finally finished our pumpkins and everyone’s looked great!


It was a fun evening and we were so glad to have friends come over and get to know whole families better.

Happy Halloween all!

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