Things I Love Thursday: Our Neighborhood

Thursday October 21, 2010

Last Saturday, one of our neighbors hosted a backyard movie night.  This family does this every so often and it’s always a fun time.  They also organize our neighborhood block party each year, so you know they love a good party.

Families are invited while it’s still daylight and the kids have a blast running around the backyard and playing on the playground. Everyone brings something to share and the hosts generously provide pizza and drinks.  Even though it’s an Arlington backyard, (aka small), they have all the elements for a great party:

A playset to climb and swing on.


Balls and bats and a corner to tackle your buddies.


Room for friends to stretch out blankets and a wall to hang a sheet on.  And of course, the projector.


Once it got dark, we were ready for the feature presentation:  Wallace and Grommit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Our kids love W&G and had seen this before so it was a big hit.


The night air was cool, which made it all the more fun to snuggle under the sleeping bag.  Adam hung with Mike & I, while Wendy & Sam sat with their buddies.


After the movie, the kids ran around for a few more minutes and enjoyed some s’mores over the firepit.


It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening.  We are so thankful for the nice neighborhood we live in and the great people who live in it.

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