A Day at the Zoo

Tuesday September 21, 2010

Last week, Adam and I visited the zoo, with my friend and her one year old.

[pie left]

We always park in the lower lot, “D” and head “up the hill”.  Our first stop was the Prairie Dog exhibit, where Adam had fun exploring the tunnels.


Then we moved on to the big cats.  We caught the tiger on the prowl, but, s/he soon layed down and chilled out.


Then we saw the lions.  I can’t remember ever seeing male and female lions in the same exhibit at the same time, but apparently they’ve been co-habitating since spring.  The boys were mildly impressed, but Sarah & I were awed by “Aslan” and his magnificent mane.


Checking out the lions from the glass.


The jog stroller was a bigger highlight for the boys.  Little “I” liked riding on it, and Adam had fun pushing it.


Then we went to the Great Ape House.  The orangutans were inside at that point.   They had an interactive feature I didn’t remember seeing before.  You could sit on a chair that slid, and grab a handlebar, like a rowing machine.  The handlebar was attached to a tether inside the ape house, and if the ape wanted to play along, you could tug back and forth on one of his climbing ropes.  Sarah sat down when there were no apes in this part of the exhibit, but when they were let into the area, we were both amazed when an orang came over and played!


Adam thought he should have a turn, but the apes were done playing.


That was okay, we noticed this big hairy beast.  He sat by the glass and played kissy face with us.


From there, we moved on.  We checked out the elephants from a new vantage point.  This newly opened area had restrooms labeled BULLS (Men) and COWS (Women).   When I sat down to do my business, there was a sign in the stall that told me elephants poop up to 200 lbs a day (if I remember correctly).  Just a little something to think about as you take care of your business.


From there we checked out the Small Mammal House, Reptile  House and finally, the play Pizza.  The boys had a good time there and were sad to call it a day.  It was a beautiful (almost) fall day and a great day to be at the zoo!


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