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Monday July 12, 2010

Vacation Bible School runs this week,  and that tends to mean I spend money shopping at places I don’t usually go with three kids in tow.   I stopped by World Market today because I needed more Torani Syrup for my coffee.  I was excited to see they were running their 2 for $12 deal ($6 each on a 24oz bottle).  I was also pleased to receive a free reusable bag with my purchase — it is advertising the upcoming “Eat Pray Love” movie (based on the book of the same title).

So, if you need torani syrup, it’s a great time to stock up and get a free bag to boot!

More details about the free bag in their online ad — it looks like this:


2 Responses to Frugal Find

  1. 1
    Michele Ramsey says:

    That’s hilarious. Evan started VBS today and I already have plans with Rachel for shopping tomorrow. I’ve never been to HomeGoods so we’re going there tomorrow. Wednesday is shoe shopping day at DSW. Ha ha.

  2. 2
    XfitDad says:

    That’s great! I’ve been looking for a cool bag…..
    uh, I don’t think this one work for me.

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