End of Year Kindergarten Picnic

Thursday June 24, 2010

School is winding down with a burst of activities.  One of them was the Kindergarten Picnic, held on Monday.

This was a lot of fun for the kids.  Also fun for the grown-ups as it was a chance to see everyone before school let out.  Each class made special shirts — Wendy’s class had fun signing the shirts.  The kids had pizza and ice cream and there were a bunch of fun activities like soccer, a water balloon toss,  tattoos, bubble blowing, hula hoops and more.  It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by!








Wendy with her teachers:  Ms. B and Ms. D

[pie left]




She had a great experience in kindergarten and I am thankful for the wonderful teachers she had.  They worked so hard to teach the kids and make their first school experience positive.

Before I left, I told Wendy to pick some friends and I would take her picture with them so she’d have pictures to remember them over the summer.   Look at who she picked!

[pie left]





My girl loves the boys, tho not in a “boy crazy” kind of way.  She loves to play Star Wars and Transformers with them.   I think she prefers a more physical style of play – she loves hanging from the monkey bars and climbing.  She’s the only 6 year old girl I know who has callouses and blisters from hanging by her hands!  But she’s not all boy — she wore a dress or skirt nearly every day to school.  Which is not to say she’s prissy – I think she brushed her hair only half the time – if I reminded her.  I love her free spirit and lack of self-consciousness.

The picnic was a lot of fun.   First grade, here we come!

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