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Wednesday April 14, 2010

My blog is taking a frugal shift as I have been focusing more of my attention saving money.   Today I wanted to share the secret I learned to saving money on produce.

The first step is to throw away your grocery store circulars that brag about bargains like 2lbs of strawberries for $3 or $2.99 asparagus.  If you want the rock bottom prices on produce, you need to locate an Asian market in your area.   After doing a little research, I decided that my favorite local Asian market is Super H Mart in Fairfax.

Check out these prices that I just ran for this week (advertised sale prices are in red):

In some cases, the sale prices might beat the H Mart price, but overall, you save a boat load of cash by shopping the Asian market.

Downsides?   The markets are not as close or convenient. One of the reasons I prefer Super H is that it is large, well run and has a great selection.  Some of the other ones I’ve been in are a little more rundown and I dare not take my toddler, cuz the likelihood of finding a cart with working seat belt straps is slim to none.

Another negative is that organic produce is almost non-existent here.  Occasionally I spot something, but if you are a dedicated organic shopper, this won’t work for you.

But otherwise, the quality of the produce is identical to what I find in the chain stores and the savings are well worth the extra effort.

Since Super H is not super close to me, I usually plan out a weekly trip where I swing by Super H, and then head over to Wegmans in Fairfax.  Between these two stores, I can knock out my grocery shopping and feel good about the value I’m getting for my money.

Buying produce for less works for me, see what works for others by visiting  We Are That Family.

4 Responses to WFMW: Saving Money on Produce

  1. 1
    niki says:

    Hi there! Niki here, stopping over from WFMW. I just wanted to pop in and check out your blog. I like what I see so far.

    Stop by my blog, Free 2 Be Frugal, when you get a chance!

    Interesting post…I have never heard about this before.

  2. 2
    Marty says:

    Hi Kendra! I haven’t talked to you in years, and now I choose this blog to finally speak up! I always like reading your humorous and useful blog. Today, I just wanted to suggest the ever-frugal and ancient practice of eating what’s available when it’s available. Yes, we spent the entire winter eating various concoctions of greens and sweet potatoes, but imagine how delicious our first strawberries and tomatoes will be!! (My kids actually get it, too, as it makes pretty much sense that strawberries aren’t actually growing under the snow.) Worth considering.

    But, yes, I am impressed that you thought to price check at the Asian market. Very clever!

  3. 3
    xfit dad says:

    Nice work, dear!
    Though the Prov 31 woman is elusive, my wife is transforming in to her persona!

  4. 4
    Angela says:

    Hey Kendra! I miss the Asian markets soooooo much. Great prices and always something interesting – like red bean ice cream, which costs so much less at the store than at the restaurant!

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