Here we snow again

Saturday January 30, 2010

Another snowfall has hit our area, so we are hunkered down in front of the fire.


Some of us are playing “Trouble”…


some of us are causing it …



and some of us are blogging about it 🙂


We’ve been working on some Valentine’s decorations, so I thought I would try and be arty and capture them and the snow together.  The results aren’t as impressive as I’d hoped.


These “stained glass” hearts were fun for the kids to make, and not too hard, as far as crafts go.



This tissue paper heart garland was my own idea,  although I’m sure others have thought of it.


I decided to use some of the tissue paper I hoard and fold it over to make a heart garland, ala paper dolls.  It does a nice job of dressing up my kitchen window, which has no curtain or window treatment.


Since this post is taking a colorful turn, how about a shot of these colorful characters?


We visited Grandad last weekend and he wanted me to take a new picture for his Facebook profile and this is what we got.  In addition to posing for pictures, the kids enjoyed some bike riding with Grandad.





Adam is starting to have fun on his little run bike.  He’ll be gliding in no time.

To wrap up this post and January in general, I have last colorful photo to share.  I got some fabric scraps from some kind Freecyclers, for a different Valentine’s craft I have planned.  One of the scraps was the remnant of a bridesmaid dress.  Wendy quickly commandeered it for herself.


It was hard to convince her she couldn’t wear this ensemble to school the next day.

This round of color amid the snow is linked up to I Should Be Folding Laundry’sYou Capture” series.  Hop over there for more colorful photos.

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    WackyMummy says:

    I love the causing trouble and making stained glass hearts shots.

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