Giving Thanks, Preschool Style

Tuesday December 1, 2009

Last week, hubs & I attended our preschooler’s Thanksgiving party.  It was fun to see them in their class and to watch them sing some songs for us.

Here’s  a few pics and videos from the day:

[pie left]

The kids lined up to sing for us:


Their teacher, sharing a Bible story with them for chapel:


This wall contains “Heartprints”.  The kids earned hearts when they showed kindness or helpfulness at home or at school.   They also got a heart when they brought in food for the food pantry.  This class of 18 kids brought in 200 cans of food!


The theme for the class is crayons.  They have different colors and use them to demonstrate that while each child is different and unique, and together they make a great team.


Playing at various centers:



I also took a couple of video clips of the kids as they performed.  Enjoy:

The last video is a cute clip of the kids stating what they are thankful for.   Since the children are mentioned by name and I want to respect everyone’s privacy, this one is password protected.  Please enter the first name of their preschool teacher (NOT Ms. S) in lower case to view this video.

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    MER says:

    I was thinking Sam had said something deeply profound for which he was thankful….Planes…that’s hilarious.

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