Halloween Fun

Monday November 2, 2009

What a boring title! I tried to be creative, but nothing came to me.  Anywho, this is my recap of our weekend of fun.  Be forewarned, this post is picture-laden.

The fun started on Thursday.  It was “Dress-up Day” at Mainly Music and so cute to see all the little kids dressed up in their costumes.   Of course my little monkey refused to wear the top half of his costume, so I had to settle for a Stunt Monkey.


Friday was party-rific.  It started with the “Let’s Pretend Parade” at preschool.  Sam was excited to wear his bear costume.   Adam wore the bear head piece, briefly.


Again, all the little kids were adorable in their get-ups.   These are Sam’ buddies from his class.


Power Ranger Matthew, Bear Boy Si, Bat Graham, & Spider Nathan


The kids sang two songs in English, then two in Spanish.   I was so impressed with how well Sam sang and did the motions for the first time, I quickly set my camera to video to catch the second song.  Apparently, he wasn’t feeling this song.

Then the kids paraded around the room.  They were adorably cute.  Here’s some of my favorites:

[pie left]











Next up was Wendy’s class party.  I volunteered to man the cookie decorating table.  As I asked the kids about their costumes, I saw the wisdom of the moms who had their kids wear an alternative costume to school than what they were going to wear Halloween night.   Icing got everywhere.  Here is Wendy aka Laura Ingalls (Wilder).


Decorating cookies with Princess Amelia (?)


Wendy’s class is called the “Sea Turtles” (each Kindy class has a theme).  Her teacher donned a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume from *her* elementary days and pronounced herself a sea turtle.  Isn’t that great?


More cookie decorating and sampling:


The kids also got to hear a story (I didn’t catch what it was):


Look at that yummy spread!


This kid wore his mask backwards – it cracked me up.


Group shot:


Laura Ingalls and the Sea Turtle Teacher


After the class party, Wendy & I high-tailed home to pick up Adam, and then dashed off to pick up Sam from his playdate.  Then we decided to crash a Trick-or-Treat tradition at my old place of business.  I casually inquired if they were still doing their thing and promptly invited myself over.  It’s fun to see all my old co-workers and their kids.   I was the first person at the company to get pregnant, 6 years ago.  Now there is a gaggle of half-pints running around.

This is what the kids looked like four years ago:

My two are on the left – Sam was four months and Wendy was almost two.

Fast forward to 2009:


Fun stuff.

Saturday evening – we went to a neighbors house for our annual pre-ToTing party.    All the kids were dressed up, along with quite a few adults.

[pie left]











After some pizza and revelry, we headed out to hit the houses.

[pie left]


After rampaging the neighborhood, we came home to inspect the loot.


I decided I needed to get a picture of me in my “costume”:



After the kids noshed on candy for a bit, I told them I heard that some children believed there is a Candy Fairy and if you let her, she would take your candy and leave a present.   I also told them that the Candy Fairy would let them keep 10 pieces.    Sam had no problem giving up the goods – he was excited and wondered what present he would get.   At first, Wendy said “no way!” but as she saw Sam getting excited about it, she quietly started counting out her ten pieces and gave up the rest.

The hung their candy bags on the door knob so the Candy Fairy would know it was okay to take them.  The next morning, the candy was gone but Sam got a cool  power drill toy and Wendy got a Skipper Barbie doll!  Both were thrilled with what they got and I was thrilled to have reduced the amount of sugar in the house (plus the bickering and bartering over getting candy for dessert).

As you can see, we had a great Halloween celebration and everyone was pooped enough to actually sleep in for the “fall back”.

How was your Halloween?

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2 Responses to Halloween Fun

  1. 1
    Michele Ramsey says:

    I LOVE the candy fairy idea and will use it here at the Ramsey home in a few years. Candy’s not a battle yet at our house.

  2. 2
    Renee says:

    Great pictures! I love seeing the kids in their costumes and I also love having many opportunities for the kids to wear their costumes.

    We put all the candy on top of the fridge and it will be the special treat after dinner for the next year. Unless I get tired of it and trash it. Maybe I should offer a toy swap.

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