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Saturday September 12, 2009

This is our first real “Back to School”, since it’s our first year with a kindergartner.    After a lovely summer, fall made it presence known – our first day of school dawned cloudy and cool, threatening showers.   With a squirmy toddler, I didn’t succeed in getting the group shot, but did get individual shots of each child in the AM.

The blurry toddler:


The proud kindergartner:


The sly flasher:


We did get a group shot at the bus stop.   Apparently, last year, the stop didn’t have many kids.  This year we have a bunch (even more than pictured here):


We live near a high school, so the bus stop will always be a little scary for me – high schoolers go zipping down the street to get to school while we wait for our bus.  Also, the stop is in front of a house undergoing construction, so we have to keep an eye out for contractors coming and going.

After Wendy caught the bus, I joined all the other helicopter parents and drove to school to meet the bus.  The front steps were mayhem between walking kids arriving and bus parents waiting to see their kiddos arrive.


Finally it arrived.


Yay, she made it!


Really mom, I’m fine.  You can go now.


So we did (after seeing her off to her room with a big hug and kiss).   I expected to be more verclempt about my oldest child heading off to elementary school, but surprisingly, I wasn’t.  I think I was too focused on the logistics of figuring out how to get everyone where they needed to be.    Wendy catches the bus around 8:20, and Sam starts preschool at 9.  Adam is also in a PDO two days a week (one at Sam’ school, and one at another) – so there is lots of schlepping to be done.

I did enjoy having a nice quiet afternoon with two napping boys.   Finally, I had to wake Sam to make sure we could meet Wendy at the bus stop.   Unsure of the exact time school got out and of how long the bus would take, we ended up  arriving 40 minutes early.  Doh!  The boys were quite patient as we hung out, and were finally rewarded with the site of big sister.


She had a great day and I was glad the only mishap was that I arrived early to the bus stop.

Sam had an open house on Tuesday, but his first official day was Wednesday.  I got this picture of him outside his class:


He is excited about school and I am excited for him (and me.. I admit it!).   He goes five days a week, which seems like a lot, but I really wanted him to have these teachers.

Now that I know how to get everyone where they need to go, my daily challenge is to figure out what to make for Wendy’s lunch  (I blogged about some ideas already).  We ordered this cool “eco lunch box” that has compartments, so I’m trying to find healthy options to put in it.   I doubt I’ll always be this good, but I’m proud of the start we are off to:


I’m also trying to include a note for Wendy each day in her lunch box.   Since, “Have a great day! I love you!” gets old pretty quick, I’m trying to think of some creative messages to leave for her.

Wendy, I love you more than roller coasters.  Love, Mom

I also want to leave some encouraging Bible verses for her, but haven’t gotten myself organized yet.    Because she isn’t able to read yet, an aide reads them to her – I like the idea that Bible verses can encourage her and someone else.

Anyway, we survived the first week – only 39 more to go!

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2 Responses to Back to School

  1. 1
    Buffy says:

    Love the bible verse idea. We’re only half day so we just pack a snack this year. I’ve been trying to keep my notes simple so she attempts to read them….but I would love if she asked her teacher help with a bible verse! We should swap some after we’ve done our searching. Maybe a sparks verse here an there too!

  2. 2
    Yoka says:

    Thank you very much Kendra for posting that I had to use the lower case for ‘thankful’on Boo’s page to get her part for the blog train. I am so thankful your did that it worked.
    You sure have wonderful pictures of your children on your blog.
    Thanks for helping I appreciate it very much.It was driving me crazy that it did not work.
    Have a wonderful day and blessings ,

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