Things I Love Thursdays: The “Cow Place”

Wednesday August 19, 2009

After spending several hours entering several months of receipts into Quicken, something was made abundantly clear to me.  We eat a lot of Chick-Fil-A.

I :heart: Chick-Fil-A

CFA, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1) Your  food! For a while, one child proclaimed she didn’t like CFA nuggets.  We looked at her like she was crazy and ignored her insanity.   After forcing nuggets on her multiple times, she has been converted 🙂   I should mention, I LOVE their chicken salad, which is bad because I think it has the highest fat content of any item on the menu.    And don’t get me started on how ridiculously good your shakes are ….

2) Your positive corporate values! It makes me feel better about the amount of money I give you, knowing the company is run with ethics.   I applaud your stance on closing on Sundays (tho I curse it every time we go on a roadtrip and realize you are closed).   You also do such a fabulous job treating customers well.   When I come in with three kids hanging off me, employees offer to bring my food to me, bring me the condiments I forgot, refill drinks, etc.     The reason I love you chicken salad?  One day we stopped at a CFA while travelling and I eyed the item on the menu but expressed dubiousness that it would be any good.  The manager was behind the counter and said, “Here, you take it, no charge.   Let me know if you like it.”  Wow!  It was a good investment on his part, because I have bought many a chicken salad sandwich since.

3) Your Play Areas! This could possibly be the number one reason we love CFA so much.  Actually, that’s not true – there’s a Mickey Ds with a play area within a mile of our house, but I can only stomach so much McDonalds.   Plus, the CFA play areas always seem to be newer, nicer, cleaner and just more fun.

The fact that we eat so much CFA is a little surprising, considering that, up until last month, there was not a CFA (with play area)  for many a mile from our house.  In face, I was regularly driving 20 to 30 minutes to get to the beloved “Cow Place”.   The good news for my gas budget is a new CFA opened within 10 miles of our home.   This is, of course, bad news for the eating out budget.    But summer is almost over, so my excursions will be tapering off.   At least I’ve gotten some fun memories in the process.



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  1. 1
    Olivia says:

    Saw you on The Diaper Diaries and had to comment…We love CFA too. The last time we were there (2 days ago!) the guy taking my order took one look at all my kids and said, “You go find a table; I’ll bring your food to you.” And when he brought the food, he said, “Oh, you need napkins and straws.” And then he went and got them for me!!! You can’t beat that for a fast food place!

  2. 2

    Why don’t we have those up north???? It is some sort of conspiracy.

  3. 3
    monica says:

    We love it too! I had no idea you had one with a play area! The only one I know of like that is right across from Great Wolf Lodge. I wish they would build one closer to us! Ours is in a “yucky” mall not that is stops us from going there once a month at least! My girlfriend bought their calendar and it has coupons on it for every month, I am definately getting one of those next year!

  4. 4
    Kara says:

    We frequent CFA pretty often too. It’s one of the few fast food places we go to. I agree with you…the play areas are MUCH nicer and cleaner than anywhere else and the employees are generally very friendly. The only complaint I have is that they use MSG in their food! I wish they wouldn’t. I know it’s fast food and not super healthy, but ick. But hey…it is tasty and much healthier than most other places!

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