Adam at the 18 Month Mark

Wednesday July 22, 2009

Running amuck at the dr's office

Adam had his 18M check-up, so I guess it’s time for an update on his progress (or else I’ll never remember).  First off, the stats:

Weight: 27lbs 7oz
Height: 33.5″

Both stats put him around the 75th percentile.  He has always seemed “normal” in terms of his size, so that’s not surprising.   Developmentally, he is like many little boys – his gross motor skills far out pace his verbal development.

He rarely walks – he prefers to run.  I love watching his little toddler legs work as fast as they can to carry him to his destination.  I will miss his toddler waddle – I better video it before it’s gone.   He’s good at throwing the ball, and even kicking it – he pretty much tries to do whatever big brother and big sister are doing.   He is also quite the climber.   He has more self-determination than the other two have ever had.   If he wants something, he doesn’t wait for me to get it – he just figures out how he can get it himself.  I’m not sure if this is a personality trait or the fact that he is 3rd born and he just doesn’t get the same level of attention the other ones did.  I have to be very careful what I leave on the counters – he constantly takes the step stool and moves it to whatever he’s after and climbs up on it to reach the countertop.  At any rate, as long as I can keep him out of danger while he’s young, this “go-getter” attitude should serve him well in life :).

Verbally, I don’t think he is anywhere near where Wendy was at 18 months.   He has a handful of words – his most favorite being “Mowuh”.  At first I thought it was a variation on Mama, but quickly realized it was “more”.  He points and grunts and says “Mowh Mowh!”.  We are working on using sign language for “Please” and “More”.  He knows the motions and will do them, but not consistently.  The problem, I think, is that I often don’t wait enough to make sure he gives me the sign, I tend to hand over the food too quickly.     Other words include:

  • Mama and Dada (tho he doesn’t say them as often as I’d like)
  • Uh oh
  • Up – as in “Pick me up!!”
  • Hot — we’ve made a point of showing him things like the stove are hot.  He also understands the term in the context of hot fries from McDonalds.
  • Hi and Bye – often accompanied by a cute lil hand wave.
  • Various animal sounds.  We have a book of animal sounds that he likes (one of the few he will sit still for) and he will often imitate the sounds he hears – especially if big brother or sister are doing it.

There are probably others that I can’t remember right now.  One word still absent is “No”.  I’m sure it won’t be long, but I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts.   I worried at first that he didn’t have many words, but he seems to be picking them up more frequently and is very expressive, so I’m not too concerned.   And even though he doesn’t have a lot of words, he has the cutest little baby babble.  It sounds like he’s got his own “twin language”, minus the twin.  I don’t remember the other two doing it, but it’s very cute.

Foodwise – he is still a major carbivore.   He is eating more fruits – like cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.  It helps that he is more influenced by his siblings – if he sees them chowing down on something, he wants it too.  He still has a problem tossing food when he’s all done (which Logan stands at alert to snatch up).  This mostly occurs when I ‘m not paying attention.  If I do pay attention, he will try and hand me the food first before throwing it overboard.

Temperament – I’ve always said the “Terrible Twos” begin well before two.  This is true, even with my “angel baby”.  He has learned the fine art of throwing a fit when he doesn’t get what he want (typically food or  a toy).   I used to look up in alarm if I heard him crying, and wondered what his brother had done to him.  Now I realize it isn’t always provoked so I am not as quick to rescue him.   The bad news for Adam is, he might try and throw a whopper of a fit, but mostly I just laugh say, “Sorry little dude, your big brother has already been there and done that.  I’m just not impressed.”  Fortunately, his fits generally don’t last long and he is largely happy and fun loving most of the time.  He continues to delight and amuse us at every turn.

Another change in temperament is a recent case of stranger anxiety.  We’ve hit that phase where he freaks out when I try and leave him anywhere – church nursery, gym childcare, haircut, etc.  I generally peel him off my leg and leave him, only to return later and find him happily playing.   I worried about him freaking out at the doctor’s office.  He did, a little when the nurse tried to weigh him, but did great for the doc, in large part due to her fantastic bedside manner.

I’ll wrap this update up with a little story that highlights his little personality.    Lately, he’s been very into putting things into things, playing with cups, bowls, etc.  The other day, he discovered the grapes on the countertop.  Now, he won’t eat the grapes, but he does like “balls”.   So, he thought it would be fun to grab a handful of grapes off the kitchen countertop, get down, run into the dining room where we have a bunch of stuff piled up due to a project in our mudroom/powder room.   In the dining room, he finds the small trashcan with a push lid, deposits the grapes and rushes back to the kitchen to get more.   He did this for about five minutes and I was too amused to stop him.

That’s our 18month boy wonder. We wonder what we ever did with out him. Here’s a few more fun pics for the “Baby Monster” from this summer.


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