Vacation Bible School: Son Rock Kids Camp

Sunday July 19, 2009

Wendy & Sam just wrapped up a week of “Vacation Bible Camp” and had a great time.    It’s funny, we called it Vacation Bible School, but they made a point of calling it Vacation Bible Camp – I guess because the theme was “Son Rock Kids Camp“, but also, I’m guessing because “camp” sounds more appealing to school-aged kids than “school”.

The program the kids attended was at a little church in our community.  It was Wendy’s third year of VBS and Sam’ second.  When I first started looking for programs a couple of years ago, I discovered most VBS programs aren’t geared for the pre-K crowd, but this church took three year olds and really seems to make a point of gearing their ministry to the younger set.  The program was divided into two basic groups – the pre-K crowd (which Sam was in) and the “older kids” – K to 5th grade, which Wendy was in.  I worried about it being a big age range, but I think most of the kids in her group were close to her age and she loved being a big kid.

I loved that the program is very Christ-centered and focuses on sharing the gospel with the “campers”.  The daily themes were:

Day 1 – Accepted by Jesus
Day 2 – Protected by Jesus
Day 3 – Saved by Jesus
Day 4 – Forgiven by Jesus, and
Day 5 – Living for Jesus

There were Bible stories each day, that the Wendy & Sam were able to recount to us, as well as fun games they played.  They always have a “water day” where they break out the slip n’ slides, blow-up pools, etc. and the kids LOVE it.   To conclude their VBS program, they invited the children and their families to attend church on Sunday.  The kids got to sing a couple of songs in front of the church, and the service was concluded with a picnic.   What a great outreach to the community!  If we didn’t already love our church home, I would consider attending there.

Anywho, here’s the pics from the week:


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  1. 1
    Monica says:

    How funny, we just finished up attending a VBS or “Christian Bible School” that’s what Amanda called it:) It was Son Rock Kids Camp too and we loved that curriculum too. They had a program for the kids to perform for the moms/dads too. The church is in our community and we feel the same way, if we didn’t already have a church home I think that is where we would go! The pastor was a helper in the camp all week and was super friendly! We went there last year since they take 2 year olds, but you are so right I don’t know too many VBS programs that include the tiny ones which I think it pretty sad. I figure they don’t want to deal with the “potty issues” or they don’t understand how much little 2/3’s can learn about God! How wrong they are! The three year old class was one of the largest! They gave us a CD of all of the songs and we have been singing them non-stop!

  2. 2
    Renee says:

    We went to the same VBS as Monica and loved it. The theme was a lot of fun and the kids thought it was great. If we were looking for another church, I would want to visit that one.

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