Fantastic Four

Friday October 10, 2008

This past two days, we’ve been hosting cousin Owen.  He got to hang our wild brood while his daddy worked and his mommy was on a trip.  The cousins had a blast playing with each other.  Owen was a very easy-going toddler.  He pretty much was happy to be swept along with the group activities, especially if I kept his snack trap and sippy full.  Here are a few pics I managed to take from our time together.

We started our time together Thursday morning, doing one of Owen’s favorite activities – reading books.

Then we did a bunch more stuff on Thursday  – “Mainly Music”, lunch @ McDonald’s, gymnastics for Wendy & Sam – but I wasn’t clever enough to have my camera on hand.

Friday we spent a morning at one of our favorite local parks – the one referred to in our family as, “The Park Sam Bonked His Noggin At“.  I love Madison Manor b/c it’s relatively small, fenced, but there’s plenty for the kids to do.  Plus, it has nice blacktop right there for riding bikes, trikes, and gliders.

Somehow, I managed to keep up with four kids,  3 “bikes” (one bike, one glider, and one trike), and one stroller.  Thank goodness I had my favorite backpack!

Riding the purple dinosaur is always fun.

Now matter how you ride him.

I can take no credit for Wendy’s hair today (nor do I wish too).

Sam had fun playing with the trucks in the sand & mulch

Snacktime was a hit with everyone.

Everyone had fun on the swings.

After the playground, we came home for lunch and naps.  God was gracious to me and all 3 boys went down easily for naps, giving me an hour or so of peace and quality time with Wendy.

After naps, we headed up the street to check out the high school’s Homecoming parade.  The kids had fun watching the fire trucks, floats, and marching band.  If you ask them their favorite part, they will tell you it was when the cheerleaders gave them candy.

All in all, we had a good two days with cousin Owen and can’t wait to play with him again!

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One Response to Fantastic Four

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    Renee says:

    Wow, you make taking care of four kids look easy!

    I want to meet you at Madison Manor sometime soon! My kids would love playing with your kids and maybe we could chat some. Where did you get the glider bike? We might get one soon.


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