Maine – Night 3 … aka Lobster Feast

Sunday July 13, 2008

I’m blogging about our trip to Maine – if you missed the beginning, catch up here.

We were pretty pooped from Fun Town, but needed to make sure I had a chance to dine on a traditional Maine meal, aka “lobsta.”

After some rest time back Casa de Myles, we went out to “Two Lights” to eat what Jo purports to be the best tasting and best priced lobster in the area. The kids feasted on hot dogs while I gorged on lobster.

Here’s a “I’m a dork” moment for you. I wanted to make sure I opened it right and didn’t miss out on any good meat — I can crack open a crab, but wasn’t sure about lobster. So I went up to the counter to ask directions and the gal looked at me a little quizzically and said, “Did you read your place mat?” (zoom in to read the upper right hand corner).

Gee, if only they’d print directions … guess I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

After a yummy meal, we played outside, briefly. The view was gorgeous, but the fear that some little person was going to crack his or her skull or take an unplanned bath made us skedaddle pretty quick.

Read on to Day 4

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