Maine – Day 2

Sunday July 13, 2008

I’m blogging about our trip to Maine – if you missed the beginning, catch up here.

It was Tuesday and a glorious day to be in Maine.

We started out the morning with a trip to Ferry Beach, a small family beach frequented by the locals. The beach area did not directly front the ocean, but an inlet. It was a great beach for splashing and playing and exploring. The water was freezing, but the kids didn’t mind. The thing that did bother them was the abundance of “kermit” crabs, as Sam called them. There really were a lot of them and while some kids had fun catching them and keeping them in their sand pails, Wendy, Sam & Caed were pretty freaked out by the abundance of hermit crabs. I tried to soothe their fears by telling them the crabs didn’t have pinchers, until Jo quietly whispered to me, “Actually, they do.” Doh (biology was never my specialty).

Everyone had a great time, except Adam who decided a jog stroller at the beach was NOT the ideal place to take a nap.

A view of the beach

The tide was out and we could have walked across the sand bar, if it weren’t for the blasted crabs.

It was great to be able to park right in front of the beach — schlepping kids is much easier when you only have to go 50 feet.

Caed & Sam are fascinated, yet scared, of the hermit crabs someone else has collected.

“Yuck! We don’t like kermit crabs!”

Mama Myles tries to keep up with “baby Dani”

We saw a lobsta boat come in

So we said “Hi”

Our lovely hosts (minus Daddy Myles who is busy working on his medical residency)

Group shots were considered successful if at least 4 eyeballs were pointed towards the camera

Silliness on the sand

Adam was happy if you held him (otherwise, he cried).

Looking for shells was a popular pastime

Jump for joy!

After a morning at the beach, we picnicked at Smiling Hill Farm. The highlight was the yummy homemade ice cream (I didn’t get any pictures of that).

After all of that fun, we came home for naps and quiet time to recharge our batteries. Then, we headed out to Freeport for dinner at Gritty McDuffs. The food is decent, but the real attraction is the big backyard for the kids to play in. We ate on the back deck while the kids ran and ran and played. Occasionally they ate a bite too, but the chance to eat in relative peace with heavenly.

Stay tuned for the next days adventure!

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