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Saturday January 12, 2008

I’ve just rediscovered a love of corkboard in my house. We’ve had a corkboard in our basement forever, leftover from my college days. I don’t think they look that attractive, so I’ve never really done much with them. But in my growing desire to find a place for everything (and thus get everything in it’s place), I’ve found new uses for them.

Exampe 1: The Christmas Cards

I wanted a bulletin board area in our kitchen to help keep track of events, and decided to use the same concept to display holiday cards at Christmas. The concept was so simple, the hardest part was convincing DH to put a nail into our brick wall to hold it up. I simply staple-gunned festive wrapping paper as a backdrop, and added a little tinsel glitter to jazz it up. Then I stuck the photo cards we received up on it (and eventually, around it). I kept the non-personalized cards in the Santa bag. Simple, but snazzy!

Eventually, our whole wall got took over by photos – I loved having an easy way to see them!

Example 2: The Kids Craft Area

We have a kids craft table in our family room, which is their domain. Their kiddie tree was on display there during Christmas and it is where they color, craft, and occasionally eat. I wanted a way to let Wendy show off her art projects, but keep them off my countertops and floors (where they seem to end up). So we got another corkboard (courtesy of Freecycle!) and put it over the craft table so she can be in charge of keeping her stuff up. When I find it on the floor, I have license to toss it. For the Christmas season, we jazzed it up with Christmas lights and put some of their Christmas-themed projects up on it:

Example 3: CD Display / Storage

I just read about this one in my Family Fun Mag this afternoon (thanks Mel!). Again, so easy in concept – I was done in 15 minutes. Wendy has cds to listen to in her room. I have a cd case for her to keep them in, but I think it is hard for little fingers to slide the cds into the pockets and the discs keep ending up on the floor, getting scratched. It drives me crazy, but I am loathe to take away the privilege, because it helps maintain my sanity during “quiet time.” So today, I read about how a mom created a cd board using a foam board and fabric. I didn’t have a foam board, but I did have a corkboard and wrapping paper. I simply staple-gunned it again to the back, used push pins as hooks and voila — the cds are now easy to see and store. Wendy was excited about it and I’m hoping this will solve our organizational problems. The only problem was, I didn’t have an *extra* corkboard, I hi-jacked the one from the family room and now I need to replace it. Perhaps Freecycle will come thru again for me…

Eventually, I’ll glue gun some pretty ribbon around it or something, but for now, it will do:

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