December 2001

Friday December 21, 2001

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We had a fun filled holiday season and hope yours was as well. Christmas has come to mean gathering at my folks’ place where we had an especially large crowd this year: Bonnie/Alyssa/David from Seattle, Lana/Dale/Shannon from Iowa, Pam & Obie from Houston, plus Barrett & fiance Mel, Mike & I, Mom & Dad, and Grandmom Poole. It was a fun time together. We also enjoyed spending time with Mike’s parents–we are thankful to have both parents in such close proximity. I had the whole week of Christmas off and enjoyed doing a lot of nothing. Logan had a great first Christmas, he loved all the people and tried to get into everything.

What else have we been up to? Yard work– we got had a new driveway, front walk & retaining wall put in (it looks great!), scrap booking (I finally got back into CM mode), and chillin with friends for New Years.

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