July 2001

Saturday July 21, 2001

In July we watched our puppy grow leaps and bounds. We took a puppy kindergarten class with C & C Pals, which we enjoyed a lot. Logan is now pretty good at his sit, down, off, and stay. He accompanies me (Kendra) to work about once a week and has frequent play dates with his puppy buddies, Bogey (Australian Shepherd) and Siren (Vizsla). When not chasing the puppy around the yard, we enjoyed playing ultimate frisbee in WAFC’s Summer League, hosting a picnic at our house, and taking a weekend camping trip to Lake Anna with Barrett, Mel, and the Braendels. Webwise, I got our photo pages up, running on our site, using a PHP Application called Gallery. It’s pretty cool and I enjoyed tinkering with PHP (tho I know virtually nothing about it). That, in a nutshell, is how we spent our July.

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