Sumo Deadlift, “Annie” Tuesday, 12-11-20

Tuesday November 20, 2012

The Workout

Sumo Deadlift, “Annie” Tuesday, 121120

Skills & Strength: Sumo Deadlift
Intensity: if you know your 2 rep max Sumo Pull, find a new one, you’ve got 20 minutes
Load: if you’ve pulled Sumo style for heavy loads, find your two rep max today.
Mechanics: Pull Doubles until you accommodate the load by altering your posture. (that’s a no-no, btw)

Fortitude: “Annie”
Double unders (3:1 for singles)
Abmat Situps

Movements: , ,

My Result

Sumo: 243 x2 (failed at 253) These were fun!

Annie: -43 rx’d

I was excited to try Annie as I’ve gotten much better at double unders, but I stalled out in the 30 round — lost my rhythm and had a terrible time finding it again.

i’ve double unders, now I’ve got to keep them when I’m tired.

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