Snatch Pulls/Front Squats/Work, Tuesday 12-08-28

Tuesday August 28, 2012

The Workout

Snatch Pulls/Front Squats/Work, Tuesday 120828

Skills & Strength:
Segmented Snatch Pull into Hang Snatch, 7 pairs

1 1/4 Front Squats
5 x 3, this should be heavy. Very Heavy.

Fortitude:  5 Minute AMRAP of
3 Power Cleans, 155/135/95
10 Double Unders

Wait 60 seconds, then
Run 200m
1 set Max rep Pullups or 50 reps whichever comes first
Run 200m
1 set Max rep Push ups or 50 reps whichever comes first
Run 200m
1 set Max rep squats or 50 reps whichever comes first

Dessert: Nope. Not today.

Movements: , , , , , , ,

My Result

Hang Snatch: worked at 73

Front Squats: up to 123

AMRAP: 6 or 7 + 3

I wrote down 7 at the box, but I got confused at round 3/4 so I may have been generous with myself (JB and came up with the same score and I think he was moving faster than I was). It took a few rounds but finally got the DUs to click.

WOD: 79 (6 Kipping PU + 23Push + 50Squat)

I should have fought harder on the pull-ups, didn’t have a goal and let myself quit too soon.

Good WOD!

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