Skills a Palooza: Testing Week Sampler, Monday 13-01-28

Monday January 28, 2013

The Workout

Skills a Palooza: Testing Week Sampler, Monday 130128

Skills & Strength:
Over the next four days you will be tested on all of the movements you see in today’s ‘Chipper’ styled workout. Do them with care now, so you can do them safely with intensity later. Do this 25 minute workout with moderate intensity, get it going, but stay on top of it.
It matters NOT how many you do, but how many you do WELL!
2 rounds, 60 seconds of work, 15 second transition time
Back Squat
SandBag Shuttle Run
Box Jumps
Shoulder press
Wall Balls
Pushups, hand release
Burpees to the bar
Row for Calories

Movements: , , , , , , , , , ,

My Result

Per Chef’s instruction, didn’t do these for time, but tried to focus on form and technique.

Most challenging for me were the pull-ups (kipping) push-ups, and the wall balls.

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