Saturday Strength14-02-22

Saturday February 22, 2014

The Workout

Saturday 140222

Rubicon Strength 8am

A. Med-Close Grip Bench
3″ narrower than standard grip
5 x 5 and last set to failure
max reps of successful heaviest load on last set, record calculated 1rm

B. Kettle Bell Presses off the bench
4 x 8-10

D. Ring Pushups
3 x max reps
scale to paralette or plate deficit pushups

C. EZ bar pull overs
3 x 6-8

E. 50 GHD situps

Movements: , , , , ,

My Result

A. Close Grip Bench:  (33, 53, 73), 83, 93, 103, 113, 123×5

B.  KB Bench Press:  only did one set with blue — did not like my grip/positioning and was running behind so skipped

C.  EZ Bar Pullovers — Bar, then + 20, +30, +30
Did these sideways on the bench so only shoulder blades were on, torso off.

D. Ring Push-ups:  18, 11, 10
Rings ~5″ off ground

E. 50 GHDs √ (untimed)

Takes me a while to get through all the work, but I like to take my time and focus on form.

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