Rabbit Redux, Monday 12-09-03

Monday September 3, 2012

The Workout

Rabbit Redux, Monday 120903

Saturday’s Hopper was such fun, we’re doing a variation on that theme today.

Each team of athletes will each draw a card from the deck of girls and heroes to construct the List of WODs to be completed.

Each WOD in the list must be completed in order in it’s entirety to before moving on to the next WOD.

For example: if the first WOD is Fran and the second WOD is Diane, the TEAM must complete 45 Pullups and 45 Thrusters before moving on to the deadlifts and HSPUs, all athletes may work on all movements at the same time with the only limitation being that each team may have no more than two pieces of any individual tool: two barbells, two kettlebells, two wallballs, etc. In this scenario you have got to be ready to get the bar weights changed FAST before you can start Diane.

All loads will be the ‘heavier’ loads and the teams must complete the total lbs of the workout: In Diane, you must move 225lbs for 45 reps, should you choose to do 155 lbs instead, your team must move that load for 66 reps to equal the same total load moved. Capiche?

This is an exercise in exercise as much as planning. Fran with this protocol might take as little as one minute, so lay out your game plan in advance.

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My Result

Team wod!

Cindy — 15 rds or 75 pull-ups, 150 push-ups, 225 air squats
Annie — 150 Doubles Unders, 150 sit-ups
“Bob” — 150 wall balls and 75 pull-ups (not sure if I remember that right)
Grace — 35 clean &jerk at 135#
Helen — 1200m row (instead of run), 63 KB swings at 1.5pood (or 55#), 36 pull-ups

I forget our team time 20:xx i think?

fun stuff. happy Labor Day all!

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