Power Snatch/Push it Out II, Monday 12-02-06

Monday February 6, 2012

The Workout

Power Snatch/Push it Out II, Monday 120206

Skillz:  Power Snatch
2 reps/minute for 10 minutes

WOD:   “Push it out II” 4 rounds
3 Power Snatches in <1 minute, max load
Hand Stand Pushups max reps in 1 minute
Muscle Ups, STRICT, max reps in 1 minute OR (Ring Pullups/Rows for 30 seconds + Ring Dips for 30 seconds)

Dessert:  Toes to Bar, Max reps in 60 seconds

Movements: , , , ,

My Result

Power Snatch: worked up to 73#, a PR for me!

WOD: 85

Dessert: 11 T2B

Did HSPUs w/2 abmats, did ring rows, and used red band for dips

Pretty psyched about this wod — was my first time doing HSPUs and in Round 1, I was able to string 13 in a row! Of course after that, it fell apart pretty quick — I was lucky to get 2 or 3 in a row after that.

Snatch form in warm-up is getting better, snatch form in WOD was ugly.


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