OH Squat/ Row-thruster-planks, Thursday 12-01-19

Thursday January 19, 2012

The Workout

OH Squat/ Row-thruster-planks, Thursday 120119

Skill:  Overhead Squat
3 x 3

WOD: Fortitude
4 rounds
1 min Row Calories
1 min Thrusters 95/65
1 min Plank

Dessert:  Front and Back Mobility

Movements: , , ,

My Result

OS:  worked up to 68#

Might have gotten more but didn’t push to failure (shh… don’t tell Chef).

WOD:  75 as Rx’d  (technically had 63# on instead 65# for thrusters).

Thrusters were the hardest part, proud to hold the plank for the full min each time.

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