MuscleUps/Splitting Diane, Wednesday 11-12-28

Wednesday December 28, 2011

The Workout

MuscleUps/Splitting Diane

Skill:  Muscle Up Progressions

Warm up and do ONE of the following:

5 x 7 Ring Pullups/Ring dips
5 x 5 banded muscle ups
5 x 3 kipping muscle ups
5 x 2 Muscle ups

WOD: “Rough Enough”

Jumping Lunges
Hand release pushups

Desert:  50 GHD situps.

Movements: , , ,

My Result

Great to see some new blood faces at the box today (yes you, BJ & Kia)!

WOD:  11:37, push-ups on knees.

Not a fan of push-ups, who knew raising and lowering my body such a few inches could be so grueling.

I feel like I did the push-ups to the best of my sorry self ability (they were ugly), but I know not every knee touched on the lunges, so I couldn’t give myself a legit check. Boo on me.

GHDs — did 30 and called it good.

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