MaxPull/MaxPush/MaxGHD, Wednesday 12-02-29

Wednesday February 29, 2012

The Workout

MaxPull/MaxPush/MaxGHD, Wednesday 120229

WOD: Skill and Fortitude: Refer back to 120110

5 rounds, you may alternate between Pullup and pushup sets.
Max Pullups
Max Push ups

Dessert: Max rep GHD Situps

Movements: , ,

My Result

Pull-ups:     Push-ups:
16            52 
15            35
13            30
10            30
9             11

Pull-up Total: 63 (+32), used red+blue bands
Push-up Total: 158 (+105), on toes

GHD: 42 (+20)

Very psyched about this WOD!  Huge improvement from the last time and am stoked to see my progress!

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