Judgement 3, Run 5k, Row 5k, Wednesday 12-04-25

Wednesday April 25, 2012

The Workout

Judgement 3, Wednesday 120425

WOD:  Run 5k, Row 5k

Dessert: nope

Movements: ,

My Result

Run: 28:20 <– a PR by 2:12 woot!
Row: ~24:00 <– forgot to look at the erg, and spent about 45 seconds recovering from the run, I’d guess.  Row: damper @8, SPM ~18

Total: 53:05

The Row was brutal and I was dreading it. Just went slow and steady at first, then started counting my strokes. Figured out it took me about 90 strokes to go 1000m, so that gave me something to focus on when I hit 4000.

SPM were pretty solid at 18, pace was around 2:20/500m, I think (tho not the whole time).



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