HSPU-Double Unders, Partner 5k Row, Thursday 12-01-26

Thursday January 26, 2012

The Workout

HSPU-Double Unders, Partner 5k Row, Thursday 120126

Skills:  Hand Stand Press and Double Unders
5 rounds
5 Hand Stand Presses/10 Box HSPUs
30 Double unders

WOD:  Partner 5k Row
You row 250, then your partner rows 250. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get to 5000 meters.

Dessert:  30 GHD Situps for time

Movements: , , ,

My Result

Skills:  I messed up and didn’t realize we were had started the 5 rounds … I thought I was “warming up” to do the 5 rounds.  Regardless, I spent time working on HSPUs from the box (on knees) as well as on the wall, with 3 abmats under my head (very little ROM).   Double unders, the best I did was string 6 or 7 together at a time.

WOD:  18:49 with partner Linda who was a beast.

Dessert:  did 25 K2E

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