Clean, Power Clean/Burpee /DU, Thursday 13-05-23

Thursday May 23, 2013

The Workout

Clean, PowerClean/Burp/DU, Thursday 130523

Strength: Clean (20 min)
Intensity: 3 position Clean-- Power (high hang) + below knee + floor
Load: (Clean Pull + Power Clean + Front Squat)2
Mechanics: (Segmented Pull + Segmented Power Clean)2

AMRAP in 14
Odd Minute:
2 Power Cleans
5 Burpees ‘Anyway’
Even Minute
Jump Rope: 25 DUs or 50 singles

Dessert: 50 DblTap Abmat Situps

Movements: , , ,

My Result

Cleans (Intensity): mostly at 83, but a little work up to 103

WOD: 10 rds at 103#

Didn’t get the full 25 DU in any round, still a goat of mine.  Chose to stop and give myself ~10 seconds rest instead.

dessert: yes

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