Updated Fall 2011

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Clothing: She is in a size 8 now. Could use: Snowboots (buy boys style in black or grey, Size 2), black dress shoes (size 1), comfortable pants (like stretch pants), winter jacket (size 8).

Other Ideas:

* She wants to learn to knit – I’m going to try and get her needles and lessons. Maybe there is a book or something?  Or how about a gift certificate to FiberSpace?

* [Mel] Cute Hairbands or Hair Ties – she would love some cute hair things, also sponge rollers — maybe from Etsy?

* Books — W has become a voracious reader. I’m going to try and use GoodReads to track what she’s read, what she’d like to read, and what we already own. No guarantees I’ll do a good job of keeping it up-to-date, so you might want to check with me first.

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