Westover Park (22205)

Wednesday May 4, 2011
Westover Park

Westover Park

1001 North Kennebec St.
Arlington, VA 22205
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The Review:

This is a nice little park nestled against I-66 in the Westover neighborhood.   It’s a small playground but has a variety of options that can easily entertain a mixed aged crowd.

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by, so Adam and I dropped in one day around noon.  The park was very sunny and empty.  So… I dug through my archives and found some photos I took back in 2007.   I’ve included a few in this review to show you some pics of the park in action.  Check out how little my babies were!

The entrance to the playground:


One side of the play area features two rocking animals and four swings.



All kids, regardless of ability, love the big red chair (designed to be handicapped accessible).


A colorful play structure intended for the 2-5 age group occupies the center of the playground.


IMG_2747.JPG IMG0003.JPG IMG0015.JPG

There is also a really nice sand area, with clean white sand.


The far side of the playground houses play structures designed for older kids.

There is a round spinning thing that’s a modern take on a merry-go-round.  Behind it is an abstract climbing structure.



There is also a “spin and stand” pole (my term) and a spinning bucket.


In addition to all the cool features within the playground, the park has a bunch of other nice amenities:



Covered pavilion with picnic tables


Volleyball and basketball court


Fields for soccer and baseball (not pictured).   The park also has a nice paved path that goes around the ball fields.  This could be good for beginner riders.


Additionally, access to the bike trail runs right past the playground.  This could be good for capable riders, but it does see high speed bike traffic.


Basically, this park has everything you could want from a playground … except shade!   In the mornings, there is some partial shade, but my mid-day, it is hot.   So, as long as the temps are reasonable, this park would make a great destination for just about any age.

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5 Responses to Westover Park (22205)

  1. 1
    kelly says:

    Do you know what the bike trail is that runs past the playground? We are looking for a real bike trail (several miles). Thanks.

  2. 2
    kelly says:

    I think I figured it out. Thank you.

  3. 3
  4. 4
    Bill Powell says:

    Hi, some history for anyone who happens by…..I grew up on the corner of Kentucky St., just up the hill from this parks upper entrance. Went to Walter Reed/Swanson/W-L ’59. We arrived 1948 and the whole of the present park area was a fairly flat field area which became for us a really neat ‘sandlot’ play area. Splitting the field was a creek that ran down through Bon Air Park and into Four Mile Run. It came from between the apartments on Kenilworth and Kennebec. By 1955 the county had begun its transformation for 48″ concrete pipes were, at that time, laid down just to where the bike trail passes under I-66. The area was concurrently used as a dumping ground for leaves/dirt the county swept up each fall. When I left the area, circa 1961, we all knew those red clay-dirt cliffs we used to play on and the creek ran through…where I-66 now crosses the bike trail…would soon disappear. Progress. And of course you may very well know I-66 was built over the right-of-way of the old and abandonded W & OD RR. I hope the area will continue to provide fond memories.

  5. 5
    Bo Yan says:

    Are any of these area lit at night, now that it gets dark at 5 PM?

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