Tyrol Hill Park (22204)

Friday August 12, 2011
Tyrol Hill Park

Tyrol Hill Park

5101 7th Rd. S.
Arlington, VA 22204
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The Review:


We had a lovely free Saturday morning recently, so we decided to check out a new park.    We decided to visit Tyrol Park in South Arlington.   As we turned onto 7th Rd South, I  had a sense of deja vu.  “I think my Grandmother used to live around here,” I said.   When we spotted the park, I turned into an apartment complex to get turned around and parked on the right side of the road.  As we did, I thought, “I think THIS is where she used to live!”  After spending a little time in the park, I am certain I have played there as a child.

Anywho, the park is nice but not new and amazing like some other Arlington locations.   It’s features include …

Play Structure for Older Kids

A typical play structure with slides, bouncy bridge, fireman pole and monkey bars.   This structure had good morning shade, which made it the go to spot in the park.




Younger Kids Play Structure

This structure was in full sun and didn’t hold much interest for any of our crew.



This was an unexpected find (or was it… I think maybe I remember it?).  My kids love a good merry-go-round.  However, this one needed some oil or something to help maintain it’s momentum.  We still had fun with it, tho it was hot in the sun.



2 regular swings, but no bucket or baby swings.



This was very small and not terribly impressive.  It was, however, partially shaded.


Other site features include…

Gazebo with picnic tables, also a water fountain in this area.


Port-a-Potty, in semi-shade


Volleyball Court

This looked nice, white white sand, but it appeared to have swarms of sandflies or something covering it.


Basketball Court


The park was mostly, but not entirely fenced.  There was also a trail that led downhill toward Long Branch Nature Center.


There wasn’t a lot to recommend this park.  The one feature that I liked was that it had a nice paved path that would be good for gliders or new riders.   We worked with Adam on trying to ride his “big boy bike”, but he lost interest pretty quick.

After 30 or so minutes at the park, we moved on to Bluemont, since my older kids hadn’t checked it out yet.   They were much more impressed over there.

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    Sarah B says:

    It’s been totally renovated and is pretty fun now! The big kid climbing structure is really high! I’d be excited for you to review it, if you’re still doing reviews.

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