Tuckahoe Park (22213) — 2013 Redesign

Monday November 11, 2013
Tuckahoe Park

Tuckahoe Park

2400 N. Sycamore St.
Arlington, VA 22213
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The Review:


Tuckahoe Park used to have a very old-school 70s vibe playground.  It underwent a renovation in the summer/fall of 2013 and has just re-opened with brand new amenities.  We went to check it out on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, along with half of North Arlington, it seemed.


It has the following features:  large play structure with slides, large climbing pyramid, a funky “dish” swing (similar to a tire swing), regular swings, and a variety of spinners, and music makers.

The park is designed for ages 5-12, and while it does contain to baby/bucket swings, it is not designed for the younger crowd.

The Play Structure


The play structure features two slides, both of which seemed pretty fast.  It has multiple access points, including an accessible ramp.  It does have a shade cover at the center, but most of it sits in full sun.

IMG_1954.JPG IMG_1950.JPG IMG_1944.JPG

The Rope Pyramid

The climbing pyramid is an uncommon playground feature and was a big hit.


I’d estimate it is 25′ high — plenty high for parents to freak out, and potential for injury, but nothing of the sort occurred the busy day we were there and the kids loved it.

Swings, Spinners, Bouncers,  Teeeters, and Music Makers

The park kept the existing swings and spinning poles, and made a few fun additions.


IMG_1961.JPG IMG_1969.JPG

IMG_2028.JPG IMG_1958.JPG

The “Dish Swing” was by far, my kids favorite activity at the park.


Something about the size and feel of this swing was so fun for the kids.  In fact, my kids enjoyed pushing it as much as riding in it.

IMG_1997.JPG IMG_1990.JPG

Artificial Turf

Tuckahoe is the first park I’ve been to that uses artificial turf as it’s playground surface.   The surface was soft and comfortable, although I did notice a couple of places where it wasn’t entirely flat.   Many parents plunked down on the grass to watch their kids, and I’m sure many were pleased to not have to deal with mulch chips or sand.


Other Park Amenities

The main play area is encircled by a paved path, that also branches out into the rest of the park area (the paths lead to Lee Highway and further down Sycamore Street).  The path isn’t  paved with asphalt, but another composite material that has a slightly rubbery feel to it.   It makes a good surface for strollers, bikers/gliders and push toys — although it should be noted the top end of the park/path is a higher elevation than the bottom.

There are several picnic tables surrounding the playground, as well as a stone retaining wall that makes a serviceable seat as well.   There is one water fountain but no bathrooms or porta-potties on site.   There is picket fencing along Sycamore Street, but the park is not fully enclosed.

My kids had a blast at Tuckahoe, and spent over two hours there.    The renovations make this a wonderful park to visit and I highly recommend it!

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