Rocky Run Park (22201) OLD

Friday September 30, 2011
Rocky Run Park

Rocky Run Park

1109 N. Barton St.
Arlington, VA 22201
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Bottom Line:  An okay park in the heart of Clarendon. Bonus points for having a bathroom facility on site. 3/5 stars.

NOTE:  This park has been renovated.  Stay tuned for a new review!

The Review:

My kids and I stopped by one summer morning to check out this park, nestled in the Clarendon neighborhood.   I was surprised at how big the park space was (2+ acres), considering how developed this area is.

Rocky Run has two main play areas.   There is a younger aged tot lot close to Barton St.    It’s nothing fancy, but has the basics:  baby swings, play structure, (dirty) sandbox.

Little Kid Play Area



Although there aren’t any big kid swings, my big kid made do with a baby swing by sitting on top of it.   This playground seems to get partial shade in the morning.

One nice feature of this park is the on-site bathrooms, located right next to the tot lot.


There is also a water fountain near the bathroom (at the entrance to the park from Barton St.), a covered pavillion with picnic tables, and a basketball court, which could be good for ride-on toys, if it is not in use.


Beyond the basketball court, the park drops in elevation and there is a cinder playing field, and beyond that, a play structure for older kids.


Big Kid Play Structure



This playground sits in full sun and didn’t hold my kids interest very long.

There were a few un-metered parking spaces near the park, but this area is heavily zoned and/or metered, so parking could be difficult at times.

Overall, this is  nice little park but nothing special.  However, Arlington is currently in the design phase for upcoming improvements to this park.  I look forward to checking it out when they are complete.

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    Erica says:

    you should check out the new Rocky Run playground…awesome!!

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