Rocky Run Park (22201) — REDESIGNED 2014

Tuesday August 26, 2014
Rocky Run Park

Rocky Run Park

1109 N. Barton St.
Arlington, VA 22201
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Bottom Line:  Newly redesigned in April 2014, the park features fun, modern equipment with an emphasis on climbing. Great for all ages, decent shade, but the bathroom has been removed. 4/5 stars

The Review:


We visited this playground, nestled in the Clarendon neighborhood several years ago (see my old review).  It recently underwent a major overhaul and upgrade (phase 1 completed April 2014), so we decided a return visit was in order.

We arrived one summer evening and found the playground delightfully shaded and full of fun equipment.  Like most of Arlington’s new playgrounds, this one features a combination of new and abstract equipment, with a variety of ways to climb, swing, slide and play.

Big Kids Section (ages 5-12)

This section features a complex “spider web”, that allows kids to traverse the ropes from one point to another — connecting to a larger, higher play structure that features ropes to climb, a climbing wall, and a high platform with a curving tube slide.



Big Kid Swings

This area also includes two dish-shaped swings, similar to Tuckahoe Park. (Baby swings located in little kid section — see below).


This equipment allows kids to grab the circular orange section and spin themselves, sort of like a hanging merry-go-round.  The ground beneath it is graded, so kids may be tall enough to grab the top on the high side but then swing free on the low side.


Little Kids Section (0-5)

This section features baby swings, a smaller climbing structure, a sand box with water and other pint-sized features.

IMG_6832.JPG IMG_6831.JPG IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6834.JPG IMG_6835.JPG

Other Park Features

A covered picnic shelter sits between the two play areas.  The playground area and the shelter sit at a higher elevation than the playing fields at the park, allowing spectators to view the action from above.


A sloped ramp leads to the lower section.   My kids had fun scootering on it, but beware, the slope allows little boys to roll pretty fast.


There are two full-size basketball courts.

IMG_6804.JPG  IMG_6801.JPG

A new, oval shaped turf field with lights for nighttime games is the centerpiece of the lower portion of the park.


Additional improvements are scheduled for Rocky Run Park — Phase 2 is slated for completion fall/winter 2014.  These plans will include a new ADA accessible bathroom, as well as some plantings/landscape improvements, as well as updates to the adjacent Barton Park.

There is limited street parking around the park — free 2 hour parking as well as metered parking.  I’ve never had a problem finding a spot on a weekday, but I could imagine it being more challenging at times.

Overall, this park was fun and lovely.  It was quite shaded in the evening, I’m not sure how it does with morning/afternoon sun.  Once the bathroom is re-installed, it is definitely worth visiting and good  for all ages.

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"Rocky Run Park (22201) -- REDESIGNED 2014", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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2 Responses to Rocky Run Park (22201) — REDESIGNED 2014

  1. 1
    Carolyn says:

    We checked this place out on Sunday after seeing it listed as comparable to Clemyjontri in Northern Virginia Magazine. My five year old is fairly adventurous, but whether it was the crowds or the height of the ropes course she was quickly overwhelmed. She wanted to try the slide in the worst way but couldn’t make it more than half way up the ropes course. It did not help that older kids were bouncing the ropes making the entire structure shake. Kids love it as there were a large number of kids crawling all over the thing, but just putting it out there that it can overwhelm children too.

  2. 2
    Linette says:

    We went today but the big giant slide we were excited about was completely broken, huge hole. So we were really disappointed. The other areas were limited and super crowded. So best to go back on a weekday.

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