Oak Grove Park (22207)

Friday July 30, 2010
Oake Grove Park

Oake Grove Park

1606 North Quincy Street
Arlington, VA 22207
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Bottom Line:  This park leaves a lot to be desired. Shade is it's biggest selling point, but the lack of amenities is disappointing. It's okay if you want to stop for a picnic lunch or run around in the field, otherwise, I'd skip it. 1/5 stars.

The Review:

Oak Grove was not on my list of recommended Arlington parks, but since I happened to be in the vicinity, I stopped by one morning with my 2 year old.   At every Arlington park or playground I’ve been to, I’ve found something to love.  Until now.

Oak Grove is tucked away, close to Washington Lee high school.  It can be found at the corner of N. Quincy and N. 15th St., but you might not know it’s there as it sits atop a tall stone retaining wall.  It can be accessed from steps on 15th St, or a driveway on Quincy. This is the view from Quincy St.:


Once I got to the top of the park, I saw why I’d never heard anything about it.  There just isn’t much to say.  The park features an aged plastic play structure that did not impress me or my son.  It actually looks better in the picture than in real life.


It was nice that it was shady, but that was about it.   It also had a paved path leading from one entrance of the park to the other.  I thought this might be a good riding option for my 2 year old, but the path itself was bumpy and cracked from roots rising up beneath it.   Even worse, both ends of the trail sloped towards danger — steep steps down to 15th Street at one end, and the steep driveway down to Quincy on the other.  I had to be on my toes to make sure he didn’t get ahead of me.


It does have a nice, newish looking gazebo and a playing field I didn’t inspect.


If I were on a road trip and needed a place to break for lunch and let the kids run around, this park would fit the bill.  But otherwise, I’d suggest taking advantage of the numerous other Arlington parks with excellent amenities.

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    Peter Harnik says:

    This park has been significantly upgraded and is quite a bit more appealing now. Of course, your 2-year-old is now 14, but maybe you have another little one. And actually the 14-year-old might enjoy it, too — there are some fairly challenging climbs.

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