High View Park (22207)

Saturday May 18, 2013
High View Park

High View Park

1945 N. Dinwiddie St.
Arlington, VA 22207
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The Review:

High View Park is located in the historic Halls Hill neighborhood.  The playground had been closed for quite a while as it got a makeover (see Arlington’s site plan), but it finally re-opened last week .   We checked it out on a sunny afternoon and had a great time.

There are two play areas, one for older kids and one for younger children.

Big Kid Play Area

This section is designed for ages 5-12 and features a tower-like play structure.


It has a large twisty tube slide, a shorter, but still fast set of slides and a variety of fun ways to climb.



It also has a fun spinny component.  My 5 year old was too short to hold the top wheel, but still enjoyed spinning on the base (I can verify holding the top and spinning your feet is also fun).


Other elements of the older play area include:

2 Regular Swings


 Curvy Balance Beam


Stationary Cycler


Unique Monkey Bars

I haven’t seen this before — there are two “handles” that slide across the bar. Instead of a ladder style, kids shift their weight to slide one handle, then the other, to traverse across the poles.


The play surface in this area is mostly mulch, but does have soft rubber surfacing in some areas, providing wheelchair accessibility.   Note that while this “big kid” area does have a fenced perimeter, it is NOT fully enclosed (there is no gate).

Little Kids Play Area (ages 2-5)

This area IS fully enclosed, complete with a childproof safety latch on the gate.  It features a small play structure, baby swings, play house, and white sandbox with water feature.


Play Structure

This play piece has a rock formation, small slide, musical panel and unique slide/climbing side.


Two Bucket/Baby Swings


Play House and Sand Area


The sand pit includes a water table.  Kids can push the knob to get water to come out and rotate the trays to get the water to flow to the different bowls.


The water feature is fun (kids love water), but none of the bowls currently has any kind of drainage hole and were full of standing water when we were there.   Some park workers were on site when we visited and I pointed this out to them, expressing my concern that it will lead to mosquitos and other problems.  It’s possible they will put in a fix in the near future.

Other Park Elements

Between the two play areas is a concrete surface with picnic tables, grills, and water fountain.  There is also a terraced picnic area above the retaining wall with more seating.


The previous shelter remains unchanged.  It’s not super attractive, but does provide the only shade in an otherwise extremely sunny playground.


Behind the pavilion is the existing bathhouse.  It is also dated, but the workers told me it is slated for renovation as well.  Old or not, having a bathroom on site is always a plus.


Along the Cameron St. side of the park, there is a lighted baseball field with bleachers and grassy open space.IMG_7117.JPG

Basketball Courts

There are two full-sized courts with lights, as well bleacher seating in the shade.


Apparently, there is also an amphitheater, but I didn’t notice it — I think it is done by the baseball diamond.

Overall, High View Park is quite lovely — the biggest detraction is the lack of shade.

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  1. 1

    I just googled a park and found your website! I am super excited about this review and how you wrote it up. I never even thought that it would be good to let people know about great parks and what they offer. I know that it is always a challenge to find new entertainment for the kids so I can’t wait to look through your blog and find some great places to check out this summer!

  2. 2
    John 'able says:

    Great park will recommend

  3. 3
    Baller says:

    Hi my name is Jeff. High View is awesome

  4. 4
    Michale Jordan says:

    I love this park I think the age recomendation is wrong I think it should be 49-98 thanks this park is fire????????????????????

  5. 5
    FTW says:

    This park s the best parking in the world. I recommend you to come here. 5 stars out of 5 stars. Must come to the park

  6. 6
    Virginie says:

    A friend told me that the park was closed today (October 20) and she is wondering why her son cannot play outside on such a nice day! Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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