Fort Scott Park (22202)

Friday November 4, 2011
Fort Scott Park

Fort Scott Park

2800 South Fort Scott Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
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The Review:

A. and I headed down to South Arlington on a beautiful fall morning to check out Fort Scott Park.   It’s not in my neighborhood but another mom had recommended it, so I was curious to see for myself.   What a lovely find it was!


The park has two main play areas, one for the 2-5 age range, and another for the older kids (5-12).

Little Kid Play Area



The little kid area features a smaller play structure with a couple of slides, two baby swings, a clubhouse, a 4 person teeter totter, and a white sandbox (the clean new sand, apparently was a new addition as of this week).   The roller slides (one in the little kid area, and one in the big kid area) were a real hit with Adam — I haven’t seen these roller slides anywhere else in the area.

Big Kid Play Area



The big kid play structure was full of fun elements:  a big tube slide, two different types of bouncy bridges, a fireman’s pole, a climbing net, an upright pedal pusher, a roller slide, and a twisty spiral ladder that was mounted correctly (many are not) which actually allows the child to spin all the way to the bottom.

The big kid area also features two regular swings and a tire swing.


The rest of the park, apart from the playground is also quite nice.  It has 3 tennis courts, one basketball court, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, a playing field, and best of all, bathrooms adjacent to the playground.  They even looked pretty clean on the inside as well!


There was some morning shade — I’m not sure how hot it would be on summer day, but on a sunny fall day, it was the perfect park destination.   We had a great time and I look forward to bringing my big kids with me next time we go, I’m sure they would love it too.

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    Laura Icardi says:

    There is also a short trail! You can access it in the area in between the tennis courts and baseball field. It extends to the right and dead ends at the top of a ridge about 20 yards away. Follow it back the other direction, and it’ll wind around the baseball field by some houses and ends at the parking lot for the park. Short, but a nice nature-y place to enjoy!

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